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Read each passage carefully and answer the questions that follow it.
The approach to the University is being restructured to ease the flow of traffic, give better security and provide an appropriate introduction to a seat of higher learning. The Works and Services Complex is also under construction , and we intend to move into the completed {major}part of it within the next few weeks. All these projects are being executed with an eye to aesthetics, for we recognize the important influence of a beautiful and healthy environment on its inhabitants and feel that a cluster of buildings on a small space such as we have , should be so well designed as to have a beneficial psychological and sociological effect on all members of the community. I have gone to these lengths to itemize these examples of current development for two main reason. Firstly , to advise you that the road diversions and other physical inconveniences currently being experienced will be on the increase because of intense development activity. We therefore appeal to you to bear with us in full knowledge and consolation that such inconveniences are temporary and will soon yield final tangible results. Secondly, to demonstrate our capacity for executing approved projects with dispatch, and to assure Government that we are up to the task. Indeed, I can assure Government that its ability to disburse funds to us will be more than matched by our capacity to collect and expend them on executing various worthy projects in record time

1. From the passage we can gather that

A. There is not much consideration for the health of the inhabitant

B. There is deliberate effort to inconvenience the people

C. buildings are put up anyhow

D. projects are carried out without approval

2. Unless it can be shown that the money voted for projects can be spent on them in good time

A. the development activity will not be intense.

B. it will not be easy to convince the Government of our executive ability

C. it will not be difficult to ask Government for funds

D. our final results will be unreliable

3. An eye to aesthetics in this passage means

A.regard for space .

B.regard for health

C.beneficial psychological effects

Dconsideration for beauty.

4. In this passage the author tries to explain why

A. .it is necessary to establish the Works and Services Complex in the University

B.beauty should not be taken into consideration when building on such a small space as we have

C. the gateway to the university is being rebuilt

D. major part of the project should be completed in the next few weeks

5. Which of these is NOT among the reasons given by the author for enumerating the examples of the current development

A. to show that we are capable of executing approved projects.

B.to convince the Government that we can be trusted with task

C.the inconvenience currently being experienced will go on indefinitely

D. we are fully aware of the inconveniences being caused but we do not want you to complain

In questions 6 to 10 choose another word that can be use to replace the phrase
6. Superior





7. Shudder

A.lego .

Bpretend .



8. Mandatory



C. Wise


9. Maneuver

A. Jump.

B. Impress



10. Mangle




D. Confidential

In Questions 11 to 15 choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined 11. The story has to be taken with a grain of salt . This means that

A. .you need some salt to listen to the story

B.there is no salt in the story

C. The story is questionable

D.the story is true

12. It is usually hard to change the course of action when one crosses the Rubicon . The underlined expression, as used in this sentence, means to

A.pass through a place called Rubicon .

B. Cross a river call rubicon

C. Be irrevocably committed

D. Pass a special test

13. The saleman tried to pull the wool over my eyes. This implies that the salesman tried to

A. force me to buy his goods.

B.offer me cotton wool

C. make me buy his wool

D.dupe me

14. Ijeoma counted her chickens before they were hatched

A. regarded each egg as a chicken.

B.hatched the eggs prematurely

C. C. assumed that her expectations had already been realized

D. Protected her eggs from breaking

15. Ike is head over heels in love with Ngozi. This means that

A. Ike is friendly with Ngozi.

B.Ike is trying to fall in love with Ngozi

CNgozi fell on Ike’s heel and both of them fell in love.

D. none of the above

In Questions 16 to 20 choose the expression or word which best completes each sentence
16. After the initial confusion, the Manager’s suggestion brought............... to the depressed investors

A.A glimmer of hope .

BA raise of hope

C.A glitter of hope

D.A vast hope

17. The farmer has brought the insecticide because he was bent on … the insects in his farm.

Aextinguishing . .

B. Exterminating

C. Extenuating

D. Exemplifying

18. The lazy candidates suggested that it ...........

A is time we do away with jamb. .

B.is time we move away with jamb

Cis was time we do away with jamb.

D.destroy jamb

19. I have apply for................ at the campus

A. Acomodation.

B. Accomodasion



20. I prefer rice.......... eba

Athan. .

B. More than

C. To

D. Compare to

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